Hot and Heavenly Erotica

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   The art of Jaya G-spot is an expression of the many fragrances and flavors of human sexuality, with an eye toward the humorous and light-hearted. Working in ink and wash, watercolor, or acrylic paints, J.G. often begins with a playful free-form scribble, then lets his erogenous imagination run naked across the page - visualizing the sensual possibilities of form, movement and emotion coming alive in the line, shading and color. What emerges may be a sweet and tender image of connection, or a delightfully naughty and provocative surprise!

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80 pages containing
72 erotic drawings in black & white accompanied by short verse

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more erotic art from Jaya G-spot:
archival prints from his book sexy senryu
original ink drawings
watercolor and acrylic paintings

about the artist